3:20 | Super 8 and HD versions available | B&W| 2006

Patiently, a soft breeze enters.


Mackenzie Art Gallery, One Take Super 8 Event, Regina, CANADA

Main Hall, One Take Super 8 Event, Montreal, CANADA


WNDX: Festival of Moving Image, CANADA

Montreal Underground Film Festival, CANADA

Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, USA

Extremely Shorts 10, Aurora Picture Show, Houston, USA

Antimatter [Media Art], Victoria, CANADA

Detours, Santorini Super 8 Film Festival, GREECE

Artscape Sandbox, a co-presentation between PleasureDome and imagineNative, Toronto, CANADA

Various Positions: Works from Double NegativeLos Angeles Filmforum, Spielberg Theatre (The Egyptian), Hollywood CA, USA


Best Film – Silent Light: Cork Super 8 Fringe Festival, Cork, IRELAND

Best Experimental Film – Niagara Indie Film Festival, St. Catherines, CANADA

Online Preview

The online preview is password protected. If you would like to view an online preview version of Patience please contact Mike Rollo at mahrollo@gmail.com

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