3:00 | 16mm | B & W | Mono | 2008

Through the eyes of pure content in light and darkness, to objects strange and shifting, a cat’s curiousity of all things moving.

Mike Rollo films a cat in Lola – “Lola” being the probable name of the pussycat in question. But not only that. Shadows, plants, rugs, repetitions of everyday life accompanied by the sound of the floor, distressing music and the ambience of a haunted house are all part of the backdrop. Lola is an atmospheric film in the best sense of the term, a plunge into the world of the minuscule and the haunting detail, a reflection on repetition and the perceptions that are deformed under the weight of the image (and our eye’s fatigue – experimental cinema is a tiring cinema, and our endurance while watching it with our eyes wide open is an intimate part of the experience). -Mathieu Li-Goyette (Experimental Fascinations: The Double Negative Collective).

Online Preview

The online preview is password protected. If you would like to view an online preview version of Lola please contact Mike Rollo at mahrollo@gmail.com

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