Big Muddy Film Festival and Artifact Small Format Film Festival

Posted by Mike Rollo on 08/03/2018

Farewell Transmission screened at Big Muddy Film Festival in Carbondale, Illinois February 23 in a program entitled “Late Night Transmission.” Wake Up! Sleeper. screens at the Artifact Small Format Film Festival March 09 at Theatre Junction Grand in Calgary. The screening program includes works by Lucie Adams, Josh Weissbach, Leanna Kaiser, Ignacio Tamarit, Lesley Marshall, Jeff Zorilla, Luz Olivia, Yalitsa […]

Los Angeles Filmforum presents Work from Double Negative

Posted by Mike Rollo on 01/02/2018

The Broken Altar and Patience premiere in Los Angeles in a program presented by the Los Angeles Filmforum and curated by Daïchi Saito. The program entitled “Various Positions: Works from Double Negative” features the films of Lindsay McIntyre, Philippe Leonard, Christopher Becks, Karl Lemieux, David Bryant, Malena Szlam, Erin Weisgerber, Shannon Harris, Eduardo Menz, and […]

Farewell Transmission @ aDifferent festival presented by aCinema

Posted by Mike Rollo on 01/02/2018

Farewell Transmission screens at aDifferent festival presented by aCinema Sunday, February 04, 2018. The program entitled Rabbit Moon features the work of Michael Betancourt, Scott Fitzpatrick, Clemente Bicocchi, Lynne Siefert, Emma Piper-Burket & Vasilios Papaioannu. Thanks to programmers Janelle Vanderkelen and Takahiro Suzuki for the inclusion in this year’s edition.

Wake Up! Sleeper. at 8fest

Love this festival! My film Wake Up! Sleeper. will have its Toronto premiere at 8fest Sunday, January 28th as part of the Bageroo program. Filmmakers featured in the program are Jodi Mack, Lisa Marr, Stephan Grosse-Grollmann, Shenaz Baksh, Tess Elliot, Sandy McLennan, Manuel Goetz, Jorge Lozano, Johannes Gerhart, Dagie Brundert, Gerald Saul, Ajla Odobašić, and Adam Cohoon. Looks to be a fine edition this year including […]

Farewell Transmission screens at Analogica, KLEX and Kaunas International Film Festival

Posted by Mike Rollo on 01/12/2017

Farewell Transmission screened at KLEX — Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film, Video and Music Festival November 24-26, Analogica November 24-26, and Kaunas International Film Festival November 30-December 13.

Farewell Transmission receives Honourable Mention

Posted by Mike Rollo on 01/12/2017

Farewell Transmission receives Honourable Mention at The Unforeseen – International Experimental Film Festival in Belgrade Serbia. Thanks to the jury members and everyone involved with this special recognition.

Farwell Transmission @ The Unforeseen: International Experimental Film Festival

Posted by Mike Rollo on 15/11/2017

I’m delighted to announce the inclusion of my film Farewell Transmission in this year’s edition of The Unforeseen International Experimental Film Festival. Participating in a program entitled “Perished Film”, my work is included with filmmakers Botond Előd Emődy, Mauricio Freyre, Samuel M. Delgado & Helena Girón, Jean-Jacques Martinod and Emmanuel Piton. Many thanks to Marko Milićević for his hard work organizing this festival! […]

Farewell Transmission @ Antimatter [Media Art]

I’m excited to screen Farewell Transmission at Antimatter [Media Art] this weekend. Over the years, Deborah and Todd have been great supporters of my work, and I’m touched from their ongoing encouragement and selecting Farewell Transmission as the closing film of the festival.

Farewell Transmission @ Festival du nouveau cinéma

Posted by Mike Rollo on 01/10/2017

Farewell Transmission travels to Montréal in October for the Festival du nouveau cinéma. I’ve received tremendous support over the years from this festival, and I’m grateful to be included in the New Alchemists program this year. Featured filmmakers in my program include Anouk de Clercq, Robert Todd, Dawn George, Guillaume Vallée, Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Natalie Saccu de […]

Farewell Transmission screening at Pile of Bones Underground Film Festival

Posted by Mike Rollo on 24/09/2017

Farewell Transmission will premiere in Regina (SK) at the Pile of Bones Underground Film Festival September 30th at the Artesian. Filmmakers included are Joel Penner, Jonny Cola + Jez Leather, Ronald Mein, Mélina Quitich-Niquay, Ella Mikkola, Daniel Nickel, Matt Meindl, Gerald Saul, Lasha Mowchun, Rob White, Rhayne Vermette, Shaun Clark, Jason Britski, Alexandre Fatta, and Dianne […]