Farewell Transmission @ Festival du nouveau cinéma

Posted by Mike Rollo on 01/10/2017

Farewell Transmission travels to Montréal in October for the Festival du nouveau cinéma. I’ve received tremendous support over the years from this festival, and I’m grateful to be included in the New Alchemists program this year. Featured filmmakers in my program include Anouk de Clercq, Robert Todd, Dawn George, Guillaume Vallée, Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Natalie Saccu de […]

Farewell Transmission screening at Pile of Bones Underground Film Festival

Posted by Mike Rollo on 24/09/2017

Farewell Transmission will premiere in Regina (SK) at the Pile of Bones Underground Film Festival September 30th at the Artesian. Filmmakers included are Joel Penner, Jonny Cola + Jez Leather, Ronald Mein, Mélina Quitich-Niquay, Ella Mikkola, Daniel Nickel, Matt Meindl, Gerald Saul, Lasha Mowchun, Rob White, Rhayne Vermette, Shaun Clark, Jason Britski, Alexandre Fatta, and Dianne […]

Farewell Transmission at Coop Microcinema

Posted by Mike Rollo on 16/09/2017

Coop Microcinema at Elephant Gallery September 16th, 
Elephant Gallery, 1411 Buchanan Street Films featured: Peach S Goodrich – Something From Nothing Stephen Quinian – Esperanto Android has a Message from the Future Eden Mitsenmacher – I LIKE IT MORE Janelle VanderKelen – Ambrosia Natalia Cortesi and Jeff Zorrilla – Disuelto en la lengua (Dissolved on […]

Farewell Transmission at Dobra: Festival Internacional de Cinema Experimental

Posted by Mike Rollo on 09/09/2017

Farewell Transmission will premiere at DOBRA – Festival Internacionale de Cinema Experimental in Rio de Janeiro September 13. Many thanks to the coordinators of the festival! I would also like to thank the Saskatchewan Arts Board and the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative for their ongoing support and to my collaborators who shared their creative minds: Ella Mikkola […]

The Broken Altar @ Cinématheque québécoise

Posted by Mike Rollo on 20/04/2017

The Broken Altar screened as part of a larger series of works presented at the cinématheque québécoise in Montreal in January. The series entitled Panorama XP focused on the current trends of experimental filmmaking in Canada and Québec. Randolph Jordan wrote a review of the film from its screening at the Festival du nouveau cinéma in […]

au bord de la rivière at Contre-Courant

Posted by Mike Rollo on 04/01/2017

au bord de la rivière (2014) is included in a program, curated by filmmaker Roger D. Wilson, as part of Contre-Courant: Montreal Film Symposium on Experimental Cinema. The Film Symposium aims to bring, artists, theorists, programmers, curators and experimental film lovers together for a series of round table discussions, film screenings and an installation to reflect […]

Patience screens at Artscape Sandbox

Posted by Mike Rollo on 04/01/2017

Lindsay’s performance of A Northern Portrait anchors an evening of film October 21 at Artscape Sandbox, followed by a screening of works by Lindsay and two films selected by the artist that speak to her own films and practice, my film Patience (2006) and Tape #158: Document 2B by Kandis Friesen and Nahed Mansour (2011). The […]

The Broken Altar at the Festival du nouveau cinéma.

Posted by Mike Rollo on 07/10/2016

The Broken Altar screens at Festival du nouveau cinéma October 10 in a special program curated by Dan Karolewicz. The program entitled “Utopia and How to Get There (or Not)” features the work of Matthew Rankin, Eva Kolcze in collaboration with Philip Hoffman, Miryam Charles, and John Paizs.

The Broken Altar @ Unexposed Microcinema

Posted by Mike Rollo on 27/09/2016

The Broken Altar screened in a pan-Canadian program at Unexposed Microcinema September 23 in Durham (NC). The program featured the work of Eva Kolcze, Stephen Broomer, Lindsay McIntyre, Charles-André Coderre, and Scott Fitzpatrick. Thanks again to the Smyth brothers for putting this program together.


Posted by Mike Rollo on 27/09/2016

June 9th, I premiered a new Super 8 film for the One Take Super 8 event. The film entitled Underpass is one of 50 super 8 films produced for the screenings taking place in both Regina and Saskatoon. Thanks to Alex Rogalski for organizing this event every year and making it possible for initiating the production of […]