Irina Werning: Back to the Future

FLOR, MALE, SIL IN 1983 & 2010 Image © Irina Werning LUCIA IN 1956 & 2010, Buenos Aires Image © Irina Werning Irina Werning is an Argentinean photographer currently working on series entitled Back to the Future, where she retrieves old photographs from people’s homes and reconstructs the original image with the same people whom […]

So Long Bobby

I happened to view this beautiful media slideshow via The New York Times about Paul Fusco’s photography over the weekend.  I discovered the slideshow from a post by fellow Montreal photographer Allison Staton. An interesting insight in American history, Paul Fusco, a photographer for Magnum, reminisces about his journey on the train carrying Robert Francis Kennedy’s […]

Bruce Gilden

Bruce Gilden (Detroit – Foreclosures) As I continuously research and prepare for shooting The Broken Altar (a film about abandoned drive ins) I am constantly drawn to my favourite filmmakers, artists and photographers for inspiration and thought.  I viewed Bruce Gilden‘s work the other day to provide an aesthetic guide for my own practice.  Always striking […]