au bord de la rivière @ Dawson City International Short Film Festival

au bord de la rivière will screen at the Dawson City International Short Film Festival which runs March 24 – 27. Developed as a project back in 2000 by the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture, The Dawson City International Short Film Festival (DCISFF) opens its arms to a migration of film lovers for a four-day […]

au bord de la rivière @ Festival du nouveau cinéma

au bord de la rivière will screen at the Festival du nouveau cinéma October 11th and 16th as part of the FNC Lab competition. 28 short films and 6 feature films are participating in this year’s edition! Short films lab NATIONAL TAPESTRY by Steven Woloshen the country devaste by Emmanuel lefrant DREAM ENCLOSURE de Sandy Ding the […]

au bord de la rivière @ Haverhill Experimental Film Festival

au bord de la rivière is screening at the Haverhill Experimental Film Festival September 18. The festival, founded by twin filmmakers Brendan and Jeremy Smith, is in its third year presenting an excellent programme of experimental and underground cinema. My film shares a programme with Shannon Harris, Mike Stoltz, Robert Todd, Ross Nugent, Richard Wiebe, […]

au bord de la rivière @ WNDX: The Festival of Moving Image

au bord de la rivière is screening September 23 at WNDX: The Festival of Moving Image in a shorts programme entitled Visitations. WNDX is a fabulous festival in Winnipeg presenting accomplished works of underground and experimental cinema. This year’s highlights include a performance from Crispin Hellion Glover, the films of Richard Tuohy, and film projector performances […]

au bord de la rivière @ Yorkton Film Festival

au bord de la rivière will screen at the Yorkton Film Festival on May 20. My film is a Golden Sheaf nominee for Best Experimental Film and shares this nomination with Ryan McKenna’s Controversies, Kent Tate’s Isolated Gestures and Randall Lloyd Okita’s The Weatherman and the Shadowboxer. The Yorkton Film Festival is North America’s longest running festival entering […]

Chicago Underground Film Festival

au bord de la rivière [at the edge of the river] will have its US premiere at the Chicago Underground Film Festival. My programme entitled what a proud dreamhorse pulling(smoothloomingly)through includes a fantastic list of filmmakers such as Mary Beth Reed, Rhayne Vermette, Ben Balcom, Christina Santa Cruz, Nazlı Dinçel, Mike Gibisser, Mike Stoltz, Michael Lyons, Malte Steiner, Stephen Broomer and Ben Rivers. […]

The Hunter Hunted at 8Fest

The Hunted Hunted is screening at the 8Fest in Toronto, February 1st. The 8Fest film festival is a unique presence in the festival landscape focusing solely on small gauge work. This year’s edition features the films of Japanese experimental filmmaker Stom Sogo, an artist talk by Clayton Windatt and a Super 8 camera workshop with John Porter.

The Broken Altar: Antimatter Touring Programme (Mexico)

The Broken Altar is selected to participate in a touring programme organized and curated by Deborah de Boer and Todd Eacrett of Antimatter [Media Art]. There are two programmes on this tour: The Broken Altar featuring works by Sara MacLean, Penny McCann, Lindsay McIntyre, Christina Battle, Lauren Marsden & Karen Lam, Eva Kolcze, John Woods, Leslie Supnet and Caroline Monnet, and Dramatis Personae with […]

au bord de la rivière @ Antimatter [Media Art]

I’m pleased to announce my short film au bord de la rivière is screening at Antimatter [Media Art] October 22nd in the programme entitled Waveland. Antimatter is consistently progressive with its programming and I would like to acknowledge Todd Eacrett and Deborah de Boer for their persistent hard work over the years.

16e Festival des cinémas différents et expérimentaux

The Broken Altar is selected to compete in the International Competition component of the 16th edition of the Festival des cinémas différents et expérimentaux. This year’s edition focuses on the relationship between music/sound and image and features many interesting sound and visual artists. For more information about events and screenings – click HERE.