Farewell Transmission at Coop Microcinema

Posted by Mike Rollo on 16/09/2017


Coop Microcinema at Elephant Gallery
September 16th, 
Elephant Gallery, 1411 Buchanan Street

Films featured:

Peach S Goodrich – Something From Nothing
Stephen Quinian – Esperanto Android has a Message from the Future
Eden Mitsenmacher – I LIKE IT MORE
Janelle VanderKelen – Ambrosia
Natalia Cortesi and Jeff Zorrilla – Disuelto en la lengua (Dissolved on the Tounge)
Mike Rollo – Farewell Transmission
Jaime Raybin and R.D. King – Ms. Bigfoot: A Fanfiction
Eden Mitsenmacher – There Boots R Made 4 Walkin’
Michael Robinson – The Dark, Krystle
John Christopher Kelley – pause
Alex Ingersoll – Light of its History
Paul Turano – My Earth’s Eye
Caryn Cline, Linda Fenstermaker and Reed O’Berne – Tri-Alogue #3
Ryan Marino – Aura of Uncertainty
Lisa Danker – Beneath a Glass Floor
Fair Brane – Alpine Loop National Scenic Back Country Byway
Eden Mitsenmacher – Forever in a Day
Robert Todd – Dangerous Light

Microcinema was juried by Coop member artists Jonathan Rattner, Jon Warren, and Morgan Higby-Flowers.

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