The Broken Altar @ Deluge Contemporary Art

Posted by Mike Rollo on 01/12/2015


The Broken Altar will screen at Deluge Contemporary Art December 03 in Victoria (BC). The screening is part of the Antimatter [Media Art] tour which concludes this week.

Here is a write up of the programme:

Antimatter [Media Art] Tour Screenings

Antimatter’s 2014/15 tour project brought Canadian experimental films and expanded cinema performance to numerous venues in Europe and North America. The touring programs return to Victoria for a final free screening at Deluge.

7pm: Broken Altar

With Broken Altar, sociopolitical geography is traversed to reveal the surmountable and insurmountable distance between things. What unites us? What divides us? Filmic landscapes, notional and actual, are subjected to a series of interventions under the tyranny of time. Oblique colonizations, strange disappearances, conscious abandonment—ruinations and obsolescence both natural and economic—occur under cinematic ideas of alien surveillance, conflicted responses, social infections and manipulated perception in a search for the off-centre: specious reclamations of destruction and resurrection.

Vertical Hold | Sara MacLean | 3:30
Crashing Skies | Penny McCann | 5:27
where she stood in the first place | Lindsay McIntyre | 10:00
when the smog-filled wind began to howl | Christina Battle | 5:00
The Pit: A Study in Horror | Lauren Marsden & Karen Lam | 7:35
Modern Island | Eva Kolcze | 5:00
Legacies | John Woods | 2:55
Last Light Breaking | Leslie Supnet | 7:51
Gephyrophobia | Caroline Monnet | 2:21
The Broken Altar | Mike Rollo | 19:35

9pm: Dramatis Personae

The films in this program reveal a hybridity between the analogue and digital: multivalent reconfigurations of the purported obsolete reveal a newly relevant sonic and visual language. Through techniques such as contact printing on 16mm, hand-tinting and toning and the virtual destruction of the celluloid itself, narratives and characters—whole, abstracted and implied—arise from the emulsion, driven by assembled sound tracks. The hallowed conventions of narrative filmmaking are upended in the reconsideration of archival source materials—repositories of histories and spectacle—in the creation of unholy collisions of repurposed sound and image, reinvention arising from the depredations of time itself on the machinery used in its making.

((in stasis)) | Aaron Zeghers | 2:45
Dramatis Personae | Stephen Andrews | 6:10
In My Room | Chance Taylor | 2:12
a little prayer (H-E-L-P) | Louise Bourque | 8:00
Woodcarver | Ehren BEARwitness Thomas & A Tribe Called Red | 5:44
The Magik Iffektor | Christine Lucy Latimer | 4:30
Separate Vacations | Cameron Moneo | 10:12
Forsaken | Heidi Phillips | 4:30
Postface | Frédéric Moffet | 8:00
J. Werier | Rhayne Vermette | 4:00
happy | Daniel McIntyre | 7:53
Up | Scott Fitzpatrick | 4:30

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