Saskatchewan Gothic – Armenian Center For Contemporary Experimental Art

Posted by Mike Rollo on 09/07/2015


A screening of Saskatchewan films is taking place from July 14 to July 28 at the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art in Yerevan. Curated by Christine Ramsay and Elisabeth Matheson from the Strandline Collective, the works included in the programme are from Amalie Atkins, Ian Campbell, Dana Claxton, David Garneau, Mike Rollo, and Gerald Saul. From the programme notes: “The Saskatchewan Gothic program situates itself through the concept of the “prairie gothic”—an aesthetic approach in the history of prairie art and literature that has aimed to capture the unique sense of being-in-place that has been part of prairie identity in Canada throughout the 20th century and which persists in new forms into the 21st century.”

For more information about the screening click HERE and HERE.

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