The Broken Altar: Antimatter Touring Programme (Mexico)

Foreign Matter Tour

The Broken Altar is selected to participate in a touring programme organized and curated by Deborah de Boer and Todd Eacrett of Antimatter [Media Art]. There are two programmes on this tour: The Broken Altar featuring works by Sara MacLean, Penny McCann, Lindsay McIntyre, Christina Battle, Lauren Marsden & Karen Lam, Eva Kolcze, John Woods, Leslie Supnet and Caroline Monnet, and Dramatis Personae with films by Aaron Zeghers, Stephen Andrews, Chance Taylor, Louise Bourque, Ehren BEARwitness Thomas & A Tribe Called Red, Christine Lucy Latimer, Cameron Moneo, Heidi Phillips, Frédéric Moffet, Rhayne Vermette, Daniel McIntyre and Scott Fitzpatrick. Alex MacKenzie will also be on tour with his projector performance piece Intertidal. The first screening is in San Andrés, Cholula at Casa Nueve then to Oaxaca at the Centre Fotografico Manuel Álvarez Bravo. I would like to thank both Deborah and Todd for including my film and using a still from The Broken Altar for their lovely poster. Possible screenings in Europe in 2015…stay tuned!
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