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Posted by Mike Rollo on 09/02/2011 in Film

CinemaSpace presents: Series PARALLAX VIEWS

One-Day Screening Event w/ the Filmmaker Plus
LIS RHODES’S 16mm film Pictures On Pink Paper

Legendary Canadian filmmaker, writer and philosopher Ellie Epp screens her four 16mm films followed by a Q&A with the artist. Alongside her films, she will introduce Pictures On Pink Paper, a film by British artist Lis Rhodes.
ABOUT THE FILMMAKER AND CINEMASPACE: Born in Alberta, Ellie Epp began filmmaking in London, U.K., where she frequented the London Filmmakers’ Co-op and met avant-garde filmmakers such as Sally Potter, Annabel Nicolson and Lis Rhodes in the early 1970s. In Vancouver, Epp was instrumental in the founding of the Women’s Interart Co-op in 1975. Epp holds an interdisciplinary Ph.D from Simon Fraser University specializing in embodied epistemology. She currently lives in San Diego, California.
“Framing of a slide is absolute. You can’t fix it later. You only have once chance. People have said they can see in my work that I’m coming from still photography. I can see that too, but I think the fixed frame is appropriate to the kind of film I make, that sense of someone standing and staring. The fixed frame says that I’ve given the stage to the thing I’m looking at, I’m letting it take me. It is a kind of erotic.” (Ellie Epp, from “As If an Interview”)
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