The Escarpment School.

Posted by Mike Rollo on 05/11/2010

Beach Events (Rick Hancox, 1984, 16mm film)
This weekend the Winnipeg Cinematheque invites curator Brett Kashmere with his program The Road Ended at the Beach, and Other Legends:
Parsing the “Escarpment School”. From the program notes: The “Escarpment School” receives its name from the Niagara Escarpment, the most prominent of several land shelves formed in the bedrock of the Great Lakes, located several miles southwest of Sheridan College. All of its central figures either grew up around, or lived/worked in some proximity to the escarpment. This reference to a specific region, just an hour from the United States, and a transitional land formation is significant. While much of the “Escarpment School’s” history and activity is like cinema itself, spectral (now you see it, now you don’t), one manifest aspect is a desire for understanding through physical exploration and encounter with landscape. Tonight will feature the work of Rick Hancox with introduction by Philip Hoffman.  Saturday will be part 1 of the Escarpment program entitled A Map Turned to Landscape with introduction by Brett Kashmere and discussion with Rick Hancox, Philip Hoffman and Janine Marchessault after the screening.  Brett will also be presenting a master lecture on Curating and Context.
For more information please check Brett Kashmere’s website and the Winnipeg Cinematheque’s website.
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