The Eye of the Storm

Posted by Mike Rollo on 30/06/2009 in Posts

On June 30th 1912, Regina Saskatchewan was thrashed by a powerful tornado that destroyed the residential and warehouse districts of the downtown core and near Wascana Lake. To this date it remains one of the most deadliest tornadoes in Canada’s history. The tornado killed 28 people and injured thousands. Approximately 500 buildings were either destroyed […]

Nightwood // Electric!

Check out more photos on FLICKER For more information about Nightwood // Check HERE and HERE

Pablo Ferro

Yesterday I watched a rough cut from Marianna Milhorat‘s new film and we had a discussion about beginnings / entries / openings. After thinking about opening sequences and title credits later in the afternoon my mind started to wonder to the work of Pablo Ferro, a self taught animator. Ferro created numerous opening credits for […]

Public Transportation

From the series Subway Portraits (1938 – 1941) by Walker Evans

Everett Baker – Saskatchewan in Kodachrome

As summer approaches, nostalgia of Saskatchewan overwhelms me. I was born and raised in the prairie province and most of my films are shot there. Recently I purchased a book about the photography work of Everett Baker, a field man for the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool. His job took him on travels to remote places in […]