Ghosts and Gravel Roads – Canada’s Top Ten Shorts 2008

Ghosts and Gravel Roads was chosen as one of Canada’s Top Ten Shorts of 2008 by the Toronto International Film Group.

My screening takes place at the Cinematheque Ontario in Toronto on January 31st, 2009.

The list of Top Ten Shorts are:

La Battue, Guy Édoin
Block B, Chris Chong Chan Fui
Drux Flux, Theodore Ushev
Ghosts and Gravel Roads, Michael Rollo
Green Door, Semi Chellas
Next Floor, Denis Villeneuve
Nikamowin (Song), Kevin Lee Burton
Passages, Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre
Princess Margaret Blvd., Kazik Radwanski
Mon nom est Victor Gazon, Patrick Gazé

For more information about the event please click HERE

Ghosts and Gravel Roads is also screening in Rotterdam on January 25th and 26th 2009 at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. It is in competition for the Tiger Award for short films. Other films included in the competition are:

#37 by Joost Rekveld, (Netherlands, 2009), 29′, World premiere
Bernadette by Duncan Campbell, (United Kingdom, 2008), 38′
Block B by Chris Chong Chan Fui, (Malaysia/Canada, 2008), 20′, European premiere
Brises by Enrique Ramirez, (France/Chile, 2008), 13′, International premiere
City of Production by Laurent Gutierrez and Valerie Portefaix, (Hong Kong, 2008), 52′, World premiere
Coagulate by Mihai Grecu, (France, 2008), 6′, International premiere
Despair by Galina Myznikova and Sergey Provorov, (Russia, 2009), 30′, World premiere
Entre chiens et loups by Jean-Gabriel Périot, (France, 2008), 29′
Film Far Beyond a God, A by Waël Noureddine, (France, 2008), 40′, International premiere
Ghosts and Gravel Roads by Mike Rollo, (Canada, 2008), 16′
Man and Gravity by Jakrawal Nilthamrong, (Thailand, 2009), 10′, World premiere
Más se perdió by Stephen Connolly, (United Kingdom, 2009), 14′, World premiere
Möbel der Proportionen, Die, by Yves Netzhammer, (Switzerland, 2008), 28′
Myth Labs by Martha Colburn, (USA, 2009), 8′ World premiere (Distributie NL door Filmbank)
Necessary Music by Beatrice Gibson, (United Kingdom, 2008), 20′, European premiere
O’er the Land by Deborah Stratman, (USA, 2008), 52′, International premiere
Optical Vacuum by Dariusz Kowalski, (Austria, 2008), 55′
Oracle by Sebastian Diaz Morales, (Netherlands/Argentina, 2007), 11′
Origin of the Species by Ben Rivers, (United Kingdom, 2008), 16′
Presentation Theme by Jim Trainor, (USA, 2008), 14′, European premiere
Purgatorio by Lav Diaz, (Philippines, 2008), 16′, International premiere
Red-light District Graffiti by Kasumi Hiraoka, (Japan, 2008), 28′
ruissellements du diable, Les, by Keren Cytter, (Germany, 2008), 10′
Six Apartments by Reynold Reynolds, (Germany, 2007), 12′, International premiere
Sphinx on the Seine by Paul Clipson, (USA/Russia, 2008), 9′, International premiere
vie lointaine, La, by Sebastien Betbeder, (France, 2008), 56′
zasto ne govorim srpski (na srpskom) by Phil Collins, (United Kingdom/Kosovo, 2008), 35

For more information about the festival please click HERE

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